We want to make our contribution to combating climate change and our contribution to a secure future for all people. We are convinced that despite rationalisation and increased efficiency in recent decades, the steel construction industry still has much further potential to reduce its ecological footprint.
At the Zeman Group, we also see issues such as the promotion of women in technical professions, the integration of employees from a wide range of cultures as well as religions as important for the corporate culture and the competitiveness of the individual companies in the group, but also of the steel construction industry as a whole.

On this page you can download our sustainability report on the one hand, and on the other hand a document in which we record measures implemented according to protocol. We do not address topics such as sustainability and social justice more intensively in order to improve our image and increase sales. We promise to communicate authentically, openly and directly, without greenwashing or putting our social commitment in the marketing spotlight.