16. June 2014

Major technical and logistical challenges with the new main railway station in Vienna

ZEMAN and Co were faced with particular challenges when erecting the new North Terminal of the main railway station in Vienna: Over 100 workers, plus all technical apparatus, such as cranes, aerial work platforms and lifting platforms were all operating on a building site of 3,000 m2.

At the same time space had to be made for the temporary storage of all materials. The completion of the roof structure was particularly impressive. The difficulty here was with the bent and conically converging outline form, which had been adapted to the track structures connecting on the south side. The consequence of this was that the main frames running crosswise to the terminal, and the longitudinal support units – trusses and longitudinal beams – always crossed at different angles. A total of 1,300 tonnes of steel was used in construction in this project.