17. March 2015

ZEMAN HDF builds VW factory in Wrzesnia, Poland

Many years of experience in the construction of automobile facilities smooth the way for ZEMAN HDF to build a new assembly facility for the Volkswagen corporation. After the successful erection of the General Motors works in Gliwice, Poland and the Fiat works in Tychy, Poland by ZEMAN HDF, VW is now also taking advantage of the outstanding services provided by ZEMAN HDF. 

The assignment involves the erection of a steel structure for part of the assembly facility in Wrzesnia near Poznan, in which the new VW Crafter, the robust and high-quality commercial vehicle from VW, will be built. The construction includes a multi-functional skyway with a total roof area of 43,600 m2 and a 1,600 ton steel structure.