13. October 2015

4 Sports Halls for the 2017 Asian Games in Turkmenistan

After the successful completion of the production, delivery and assembly of 2000 tons of steel for the Ashgabat airport in Turkmenistan on behalf of the construction giant POLIMEKS, ZECEL was able to acquire another major customer, that has become very well established in Turkmenistan. 

We are referring here to ALKAR, one of the giants in the construction sector and at the same time one of the largest suppliers of building materials in Turkmenistan.

The special feature of this project are the roof constructions of the 4 sports halls with a free span of 58 m.

25 curved 3-point tubular trusses, which in turn consisted of 4 segments with a height 3.2 m, 1.7 m width and lengths of between 14 and 15.5 m, were joined together to form one single element with a span of 58 m.

Steel structures of approx. 2400 tons were manufactured and assembled for this.