2. February 2016

Successfully finalised – Origami Made of Steel

126 canopies made of steel with a high quality cladding using aluminum composite panels similar to folded origami – this was the order of the client to the Zeman Company. 

Crucial to this project and at the same time the core of our services was the development of alternative systems for cladding and steel construction. Optimization in terms of costs and assembly time, which does not only keep the quality but makes it even higher, has played an important role in the award of this order.

Our main/biggest challenge during the execution stage of the projects was a meticulous planning of construction works simultaneously running on several buildings and the related  site logistics under full operation of the shopping park…

Currently the construction works are in their final stage. Now our people are working hard on the two largest roofs of the shopping center. 

Key data of the project:

Project Management: “mfi Development GmbH”
Design: “bds” and “maas und partner”

Technical specification:

  • 126 Roofs 
  • Total roofing area 9,000 m² 
  • Total area of aluminum cladding 10.000 m² 
  • Total Tonnage: 600 tons 
  • Roof construction made of wooden boards and bitumen roofing
  • Roof cladding made of aluminum composite panels in non-flammable version 
  • Surfaces of visible steel columns are galvanized, spackled, sanded and finish coated 
  • Staircase cladding are made of high quality 
    aluminum fins 850 m²