10. July 2016

Gold in the Combination: ZEKON/ZECEL/ZECO

On behalf of the company CEMTEC, approx. 9,300 tons of the steel construction for the manufacture of five cement works were successfully delivered to France and Africa within six months in outstanding collaboration between the production plants ZEMAN Celik (TR) + ZEKON (PL) + ZEMAN and Co (AT).

While the delivery to Le Havre (France) took place over the road transport network, the main challenge was to transport about 90% of the total order volume in 780 containers via international deep sea shipping routes to Ghana, Mali, Mauretania and Chad.

The two production sites in Poland and Turkey each proved their logistics competence by also loading unsuitable components as efficiently as possible for the container transport. Controlling and a high level of structured working method in the project management, especially at Zeman & Co in Vienna, made it possible to be able to provide comprehensive information at all times to the actors involved in the five construction projects to be delivered in parallel

With these construction projects the Zeman Group proved their problem-solving competence in production and project management, this was the first time a project of this magnitude had been handled in accordance with the directives for the international movement of goods overseas.