1. January 2017

Great in America by means of SBA – 4 Steel Beam Assembler (SBA) – machines for USA and Canada.

Zeman’s innovative SBA technology (“Fabrication game changer”) was presented for the first time in North America some 5 years ago now. In 2016 came the final breakthrough of this technology in America. 

Four machines (3x USA, 1x CAN) have already be sold, three of which have been installed and successfully commissioned. Through the additional integration of automatic feeding- and unloading stations, our customers are achieving optimum output and workflow.

The statement of one of our customers in the State of Lousiana (Southland Steel, Mr. Joey Lombardo) underscores the success of our SBA machines: 

“The machine does exactly what Zeman says it will do. It works and we are very satisfied with our decision.”