9. May 2017

In a Schoenbrunn Zoo, Vienna

The aviary was set up for smaller animal species such as Helogales and Decken’s hornbills, who search for food together in the wild nature. Zeman overtook responsibility for workshop planning, production and assembly for this project.

A special feature of these aviary is a hydraulic synchronous tensioning system of the cable support structure with hydraulic overload protection(for example in case of heavy snowfall).

A total of 3 tons of duplex coated steel construction and 200 m² of black stainless steel cable net were applied for this small but fine project. 

Zeman & Co GmbH
Tiergarten Schönbrunn, News [10.05.2017: https://www.zoovienna.at/news/giraffenpark-ist-eroffnet/]
Photo source: Zeman & Co GmbH