13. February 2020

Hydraulic “elephant gates” were successfully put into operation

In 1996 an elephant park was established in the Viennese Zoo Schönbrunn. “The complex consists of a 4600 m2 outdoor area and an elephant house with an area of 2100 m2” (1). Zeman & Co GmbH was commissioned to deliver “Elephant Gates” to divide different outdoor partitions.

“The African elephant is the heaviest living land mammal of the world” (2), so the gates must be of a very stable quality to withstand lots of pressure. At the same time, the ease of operation for the staff should not be neglected as well.

Therefore, the gates were made as a special structure of solid stainless steel sheets (15-20 cm thick) and provided with hydraulic gate drives.

Now the new “Elephant Gates” have been successfully put into operation!