23. November 2021

Cavatina Hall

A task for the orchestra of steel construction specialists from the ZEMAN Group

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In September 2020, companies of the ZEMAN Group, Zeman HDF and Waagner Biro steel and glass, received an order from the real estate company Cavatina Holding S. A., Krakow, to erect the steel structure and the building envelope for the new music hall “Cavatina Hall” in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. The challenges here lie primarily in the extremely complex geometry of the steel structure, the spiral-shaped glass envelope and the tight schedule – which was ultimately met.
The concept of the entire building was created by the in-house architects of Cavatina Holding. The semi-circular shape of the concert hall on the inside is reflected on the outside in the compact, sound-insulating concrete structure, which is clad in a complex steel construction with an unusual spiral-shaped glass shell.

Complex geometry in the shape of a snail

©Zeman HDF, Waagner Biro steel and glass

The geometry was planned in three dimensions and a complete model was created that included the concrete body, the steel structure, the glass panes and the associated connections. Due to the exact 3D planning, the on-site adjustments were reduced to a minimum, as it was possible to access the exact factory-prepared parts. This meant that the manufacturing tolerances had to be reduced to a minimum.
The scope of work of Zeman HDF and Waagner Biro steel and glass is divided into two building sections: the glazed envelope of the staircase with 246 panes and the almost organic-looking glass envelope of the dome with 641 panes. For the staircase, triangular and also three-sided insulating glass panes were used to maintain the shape, whereas this was not necessary for the cathedral, as it is open at the top and bottom. The laminated rectangular glass panels of the Dome are point-fixed in the corners and serve not only as an architectural feature but also as a windbreak when guests enjoy concert breaks on the top terrace.
The total glazed area is 1,800 m² and is supported on 1,800 steel elements connected by 870 steel nodes. The total number of glass panes is 887.

Cavatina Hall, the new landmark of Bielsko-Biała

View of the cathedral and the staircase from above
©Waagner Biro steel and glass

The town of Bielsko-Biala is actually known as a skiing and hiking centre. Now Bielsko-Biala is additionally being developed into a cultural centre. A six-storey multifunctional building has been erected near the main railway station, which includes high-class offices, modern meeting rooms and cafés with terraces. The main attraction of the building is a concert hall with the highest acoustic standard for 650 listeners. Even a recording studio is integrated into the music hall. Of course, there are also recreational areas around the building that invite you to linger.

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