29. March 2022

Rapid aid for refugees from Ukraine

Illustration: kovop58 – stock.adobe.com #489431510

The number of people fleeing Ukraine is steadily increasing. Children, who make up almost half of the refugees, suffer the most. They come to the EU with their mothers and grandmothers, traumatized, powerless and without protection. As a steel construction company with connections in Ukraine and a hands-on mentality, we made contact with families as soon as the war broke out in order to help quickly and unbureaucratically. Since the start of the war, PEM Buildings, Zeman HDF, Zekon and Zeman Beteiligungsgesellschaft have so far accommodated 36 refugees from Ukraine in Poland, Germany and Austria and are providing them with a livelihood. All of them are young mothers with small children, some with their grandparents. They had to leave their fathers, husbands, sons and friends behind in Ukraine.
We have been helping quietly so far, but now we have to make this public, as according to local tax legislation, donations are only deductible if the efforts are publicized.