20. April 2022

Steel construction for heat exchanger tower of the Märker Group

©DROHNEN-LUFTBILDER360.de for Zeman & Co GmbH

As part of the modernization of the Märker Group’s cement plant in Harburg, Bavaria, an innovative new furnace system was built to replace the now 50-year-old furnace.

Zeman & Co GmbH was responsible for the production and assembly of the steel structure. The very tight space conditions and the work during the often very stormy weather at a height of up to 122 metres posed a special challenge. The job was completed in just under a year and around 2,700 tonnes of steel were processed.

The modernisation is explicitly not about increasing production capacity, but about securing the site and improving environmental and climate protection. The modern furnace will require significantly less fuel energy than the old one and the fuel-related CO2 emissions will be reduced by about a quarter. This means that about 60,000 tonnes less CO2 will be emitted every year. This is roughly equivalent to the annual oil heating emissions of 15,000 private households.

The prerequisite for achieving the high level of energy efficiency is a significantly higher heat exchanger tower. This allows Märker Zement to use the best available technology.


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