7. July 2022

Behind the Scenes at the photo shoot for the assemblers-campaign

Zeman Group is looking for assemblers

On 23 June, after the VIP tribune had been erected, we held a photo shoot with assemblers at Vienna’s Rathausplatz. The photos are for a campaign with which we want to address qualified assembly personnel, including women, to apply to us. Since equal rights are important to us, we are focusing more on the topic of “women in the crafts and in technical professions”.

Photo shoot at Vienna’s Rathausplatz

The campaign will be seen on our construction site banners on the one hand and on social media on the other. A small survey of our assembly personnel showed that they value the Zeman Group as an employer because they can advance professionally with us, learn something, get additional training, have variety and can combine their private and professional lives very well. That’s why they stay with us for a long time and/or like to come back again and again.

If you are interested in a job with us, simply send us a short e-mail to info@zeco.at or call us on +43 (0)1 814 14 – 0.

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