Upgrades and refurbishment

“The world – at least the world in Europe – is built. The future lies in the use of the existing.”

Univ.-Prof. Christoph M. Achammer

Existing structures and resources are a valuable treasure. No matter whether it is a building that is a few years, a few decades or a few centuries old. What we prudently preserve or add to today are also secured values for future generations. That is sustainability in construction at its best! As steel constructors, we are therefore proud that we have contributed to the preservation of several buildings in recent years and to making them fit for the future. We have received numerous awards for our efforts.

Upgrading for a new use

Steel construction makes old and new compatible. It creates new possibilities for use without interfering too much with the old substance. Whether it’s an old slaughterhouse like the one in St. Marx in Vienna, which we have adapted for a new use as an event location, a historic railway station like the one in Salzburg, an old university, a bridge that has shaped a cityscape for many decades: steel and glass preserve, connect, complement and modernise.

From our point of view, the renovation of Salzburg’s main railway station deserves special mention. We carefully dismantled historic steel structures, transported them to a group-owned factory, refurbished and reinforced them and finally rebuilt them in Salzburg. Further projects were the Ronacher Theatre and the airport in Vienna, as well as the airports in Warsaw and Krakow and the railway station in Lodz in Poland.

Central station Salzburg, ©Zeman & Co GmbH
Central station Salzburg, ©Taufik Kenan