Austria Center Vienna (ACV) donauSEGEL

Austria Center Vienna Donausegel, ©IAKW-AG
Zekon Spólka z o. o., Zeman & Co GmbH
Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien (IAKW-AG)
Investor, Builder:
Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien (IAKW-AG)
Architect: ARGE Dietrich/Untertrifaller Architekten und Vasko + Partner; Statics and detailed planning: Zeman & Co
Country, City:
Austria, Vienna
Object category:
architecture building, general contractor, Hall, warehouse, logistics, commercial and production, structural alteration works
Roof, facade, steel
Assembly, Engineering, operation, Production, Supply

The football field-sized roof was erected over an existing parking deck, which could not be loaded vertically or horizontally by the new structure. Therefore, support was provided at only four points through the parking deck floors. The “underground” parts of the support structure were designed in the form of 3-legged ... steel supports, from whose upper tips the horizontal forces of the new structure were transferred to the foundations, which also had to be newly constructed. The steel construction of the “above-ground” supports and the roof construction are conventionally designed as a truss construction. However, it had to be taken into account that the free-standing flying roof can be closed temporarily and at short notice by mobile walls to form a 4,300 m² exhibition hall. Accordingly, the changes in shape of the roof construction at the connection points of the walls had to be kept within relatively narrow limits in order to guarantee the corresponding functionality of the connections. Special solutions had to be developed for the wall constructions that meet both the building physics and installation requirements.