Selt Krapkowice

©Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o
©Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o
©Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o
©Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o
©Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o
Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o.
Selt Sp. z o.o.
Investor, Builder:
Selt Sp. z o.o. Opole
Zeman HDF Spólka z o. o.
Country, City:
Poland, Rogów Opolski
Object category:
Hall, warehouse, logistics, commercial and production
Roof, facade, SIN-beam, steel
Assembly, Engineering, operation, Production, Supply

Work carried out: Execution planning with workshop documentation, prefabrication, delivery and assembly of a steel structure, design, delivery and assembly of lightweight wall and roof cladding. A production hall with an area of approx. 36,000m2 was built using profiles with a sinusoidal web. Sheet metal beams with a corrugated web ... were an optimal construction solution for this project, a great alternative to conventional constructions.