Engineering, Research and Development

The companies in the Zeman Group research and develop new solutions in order to be at the cutting edge of technology, to always be ahead of the game, to become more efficient, to conserve resources and to be more economical.

Engineering based on 3D software has been a matter of course at the Zeman Group for decades. Since the 1980s, it has been a global pioneer in the development of NDC data transmission and machine integration.

The basis for successful projects and for innovations is experienced and qualified personnel in the technical planning department.

Zeman Group: Personnel capacities 2021

More than 100 qualified engineers and the company’s own assembly personnel realise almost every steel construction project: steel structures, buildings, roofs as well as glass and metal façades. We carry out the work either as a subcontractor, partner or general contractor.

  • Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Ing. (FH): 94
  • HTL Ing.: 98
  • Manufacturing personnel: 290
  • Assembly personnel: 95
  • Other technical staff: 74

Zeman Group: Engineering offices

Here is a list of the main offices where engineering, project planning, project management, structural design and development are carried out. These are joined by offices in other countries not listed here, in order to serve customers locally.