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The company Zeman & Co GmbH acts as a project handling company (planning, project management, construction management and assembly), whereby the steel structures are predominantly procured from the group companies (see organisation chart) Zekon Spólka z o.o. (production of steel structures in Poland) and Zeman Çelik A.S. (production of steel structures in Turkey).

Zeman & Co Company headquarter / ©Zeman & Co GmbH

Zeman & Co GmbH (ANKÖ No. 4954) is listed in the Austrian register of contractors. Furthermore, the quality management of Zeman & Co GmbH, Zekon Spólka z o.o. and Zeman Celik A.S. is certified according to ISO 9001. As can be seen from the organisational chart of the Zeman Group, our aim is to ensure that the most important core areas of project business

  • Technical project processing
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly

to a significant extent within the Group as an own contribution.

Building construction projects for industry and commerce

Pyramidenkogel / ©Zeman & Co GmbH
  • Steel constructions of all kinds, steel-glass constructions, membrane constructions, stage constructions, composite constructions
  • Hall constructions, roof and wall constructions
  • Corrugated web girder constructions (sin-profiles)
  • Legato arch roof constructions
  • Provision of all necessary engineering services such as static calculations and implementation plans
  • Elaboration of complete projects
  • Construction scheduling and delivery logistics
  • Construction supervision or complete construction management
  • Proof of conformity according to EN 1090-1
  • Quality management certified according to ISO 9001

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Head office Vienna
Clemens-Holzmeister-Straße 6,
A-1100 Vienna, Austria

Branch office Attnang-Puchheim
Steinhüblstraße 1,
A-4800 Attnang-Puchheim, Austria

Depot Scheifling
Schlossfeld 5,
A-8811 Scheifling, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)1 814 14 – 0
E-Mail: info@zeco.at
Website: www.zeman-group.com