Assembly and maintenance

Assembly with our own experienced personnel

Zlote Tarasy / ©Zeman HDF

The Zeman Group has its own assembly personnel organised in teams in five countries. This enables us to offer assembly services around the world.

Our project managers, site managers and senior fitters and erectors have experience with a wide range of steel construction projects. The processes are optimally planned, communication is unambiguous and cooperation is both routine and efficient.
This allows the Zeman Group to score points with an efficient assembly process – which is especially important for complex constructions and building sites.

In addition, we maintain long-standing and reliable business relationships with a number of partner companies that are of benefit to you as our customer. For example, if it is important for you to be able to prove the origin of a service from a certain country.

Maintenance with a vision

As a steel construction group with companies covering all areas of steel construction and almost all types of structures, we know the weak points of steel and glass structures inside out. And with our experience, we also recognise potential for improvement and opportunities to modernise and upgrade the structure cost-effectively at the same time.

We advise regular inspections and preventive maintenance on the basis of a long-term maintenance contract, because necessary repairs that are postponed or not carried out can be very expensive. In our experience, regular inspections and preventive maintenance usually pay off.

Ultimately, a well-maintained building always looks better, retains its value, is more sustainable and brings an image advantage that employees, business partners and visitors carry to the outside world.

Ask us what we can do for you to maintain the safety and value of your property in the long term!

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