Product development and innovation

Innovation is genetically anchored in the Zeman Group. As one of only a few construction companies, Zeman has been developing new products and software for a wide variety of applications for decades. This know-how benefits you as a customer, as it saves costs, time and resources.

The mechanical engineering company in the Zeman Group, which we successfully sold to the listed Lincoln Electric Group at the beginning of the first quarter of 2021, has developed a large number of machines, brought them to market maturity and thus received numerous innovation awards. We would like to highlight in particular:

  • Steel Beam Assembly (SBA): Innovative welding robot
  • Scanning & Plate Sorting (SPS): Plate digitisation and tracking
  • SIN profiles combine the advantages of the truss, lightness, with those of the welded sheet metal girder, rational production. The profiling of the web gives it high load-bearing capacity with low construction weight. This results in a particularly economical solution for larger spans. Main application: supports and roof trusses in hall construction. Advantages: Short delivery times and assured quality thanks to fully automatic production.
  • CLC Ceiling
  • ISD Statics Software

References and technical documentation