ZEKON Spolka z o. o.

ZEKON Spolka z o. o. was founded in 2008. It is one of the most professional and renowned production facilities for steel structures in the steel industry. The technologically advanced systems and machines as well as the highly qualified staff guarantee a high quality of services and products.

Production hall / ©ZEKON GmbH

The most important area of activity is the production of steel structures for industrial and warehouse buildings, sports facilities and commercial centres, as well as for the energy and petrochemical sectors.

9,500 m² are available for production, 750 m² of which are used for painting steel structures. The capacity is 18,000 tonnes per year.

ZEKON Spolka z o. o. has a modern and automated line for the production of straight and convergent SIN corrugated web beams developed by the group. SIN profiles have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their relatively low weight (around 40% less than steel beams) and price compared to welded, hot-rolled profiles and lattice structures.

ZEKON Sp. z o. o. uses software developed by the Belgian company SCIA for automatic and numerically controlled production lines. This software is integrated into the software for planning steel structures such as BOCAD, AUTOCAD, STEELFAB and HYPESTEEL.

Production of steel structures for general building construction

Fully automated production line ©ZEKON GmbH
  • Fully automatic SIN profile (corrugated web girder) production line
  • Moulded part construction for corrugated web girder constructions, corner and ridge elements and other special parts
  • Steel constructions of all kinds for industry and trade
  • Steel constructions for hall buildings
  • Platforms for various installations (e.g. in refineries and in the automotive industry)
  • Bridges
  • Crane systems
  • Welded constructions of all kinds
  • Production capacity: approx. 18,000 tonnes per year
  • Welding quality management according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • Corrosion protection according to RVS-1505-Werk-0003-2010
  • Proof of conformity according to EN 1090-1
  • Quality management certified according to ISO 9001

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