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Zeman HDF, a member of the Zeman Group based in Vienna, is a specialised company operating in the steel construction, wall and roof cladding sectors. The company has been active on the Polish market without interruption since 1992. Customer satisfaction is the priority for every project. The creative and determined teams ensure the satisfaction and optimisation of the project.

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We offer a complete design service, delivery and installation as well as organisation and supervision of the installation work. The company is also active in the general construction segment and offers its customers complete realisation from the project to the handover of the keys.

The offer is addressed to investors who want to realise their projects in the form of general execution or in the “design and build” system, but also to general contractors. Zeman HDF is happy to carry out shells and the construction of buildings according to the submitted project, which is always optimised in consultation with the client.

The four realisation teams take care of the entire process, from the first contact with the customer, to the preparation of corresponding cost estimates, technical support, the conclusion of contracts, the discussion and agreement of customer requirements, the realisation of the project and finally the corresponding service. Each team is led by an experienced project manager who is directly responsible for contact with customers, the preparation of offers and realisation. The teams at Zeman HDF are creative, dynamic, can act under time pressure and think unconventionally.

Zeman HDF has its own design office, which assists in the creation of designs and ensures the appropriate quality of services at this level. Experienced site managers and our own installation teams ensure that every construction site is professionally serviced.

Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously. Whenever a customer comes back with a new project, the joy is always great. It is pleasing to know that the work carried out has led to the desired results.

Hochbauprojekte für Industrie und Gewerbe

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  • Steel constructions of all kinds, steel-glass constructions, membrane constructions, stage constructions, composite constructions
  • Hall structures, roof and wall constructions
  • Corrugated web girder constructions (sin profiles)
  • Legato arched roof constructions
  • Provision of all necessary engineering services such as structural calculations and implementation plans
  • Development of complete projects
  • Construction scheduling and delivery logistics
  • Construction supervision or complete construction management

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